Welcome to My Blog!

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Hello! I’m Brad–nice to meet you. “Who am I?”, you’re probably asking. Well, that’s the whole point of this site. The answer to what I do for a living and what things I like–that’s over here. My accomplishments? Check these out.

But, otherwise, the main reason the site exists is so I get things off my chest. (Well, that and I like the domain name and I have one free site with Github.) Full disclosure: these things (portfolio sites) are really meant to stay professional; all of the content should be honed, in some way, to Web Development. Not this one.

I like alot of things (look at this yet?) But what I just did at work will probably not inspire me to write a post here. (Work/Life Balance, Baby!) So, what I can guarantee will be posted here will be the odd horror movie review. Or maybe my thoughts about a cruise line I just tried. Probably not anything Philly sports related–sports are good to watch, not to whine about.

So, why not my work stuff (all the time, I mean)? I have the blessing of working with Open Source Software with strong communities attached to them. I also deal with niche software that laser focuses on doing a small bucket of things and nothing else. I have conferences and conventions to present so I can “spread the word”, so to speak. Here? If I find some kewl Ruby and/or Rails trick, I’ll be here. Otherwise, eh.

Hopefully, I’ll see ya back here. Thanks for coming,